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Gymnastics is all we see, all we do, and all we breathe. Gymnastics is said to as “a way of life” at GOP. – Gangadhar Acharya, the Grand Master Coach

Gymnastics is a sport demanding balance, strength, flexibility, agility, coordination, commitment, and endurance. Gymnastics contributes to the development of the arm, leg, shoulder, back, chest, and abdominal muscle groups through its motions. Gymnastics evolved from ancient Greek workouts that featured horse mounting and dismounting skills, as well as circus performance skills.

Welcome to GOP

Best GYmnastics School & Studio Since 2010

Over the course of our existence, we have had the good fortune to instruct young people from Bangalore and the places immediately surrounding it. Our family in GOP grew to the point that the outdoor amenities in GOP Defence Colony Indira Nagar could no longer satisfy our requirements as a result of this growth. This is how the journey that we are currently on got started. We moved into our present location in Bellandur in May of 2019, which is conveniently situated near all of the most desirable features.

Master Gangadhar has served as a coach for a large number of Kannada film stars, including Mr. Puneeth Rajkumar, ShivaRaj Kumar, and Kumar Bangarappa, among others.

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Our Vision

By the year 2035, to train, teach, and nurture fifty athletes to the point where they are able to represent India at the Olympics and win gold medals in the MAG (Men Artistic Gymnastics) and WAG (Women Artistic Gymnastics) competitions.

Our Mission

The development of sustainable eco-systems with the purpose of fostering new talent in gymnastics and motivating athletes to achieve their full potential via consistent training and coaching.

Female gymnast practicing a gymnastic

"As a regular, I love GOP so much more than any of my previous gymnasiums. All my trainers are very patient and the schedule and achievements are neatly documented. As my personal opinion, it is the best place where a toddler or even a teen could spend their time. Also, for a peek at the gym and the environment, there is a respective YouTube channel too."

Jhanvi Choudhary
    Jhanvi Choudhary


    "Best place to workout and Best teachers. If you are serious about improving gymnastics skills, GOP is the best place to join."

    Nethravathi H S Swamy
      Nethravathi H S Swamy


      "Wonderful place for kids to have physical fitness with fun. Trainers are very professional and ensure each kid gets attention as per their fitness level. Gangadhar and Sweta ma'am ensure kids enjoy their sessions as well as maintain stictness during sessions.Shivrajkumar Malannavar Shivrajkumar Malannavar Parent."

      Shivrajkumar Malannavar
        Shivrajkumar Malannavar


        Meet the Founder, Co-Founder and the Team

        The year 2017 marked the beginning of Guardians of Paradise, which was established by Master Coach A.P. Gangadhar Acharya and Co-founded by Shwetha G. Acharya.

        Mr. Gangadhar Acharya

        Founder / Master Coach

        Mr. Gangadhar Acharya

        Ms. Shwetha G Acharya

        Founder / Coach

        Ms. Shwetha G Acharya

        Our Expertise

        Over 10 Years In The Gymnastics School

        • Encourage participants to have a good time while fostering their capacity for self-expression and personal discovery through the rigorous activities required by various sports.
        • Personalized education that pushes students to reach their full potential while also providing them with the tools necessary to compete successfully and to face the challenges of everyday life with pride and self-assurance.
        • Create a programme that offers participants and their families a better value for their money and more flexibility in terms of the time commitment required as compared to other programmes that are currently available in the area.
        • Providing individuals we collaborate with with encouragement to enjoy themselves while still maintaining a serious commitment to their development as athletes and people
        Men Artistic Gymnastics
        Women Artistic Gymnastics

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