Gymnastics Franchise

The curriculum at GOP Gymnastics Academy is designed to appeal to the youngest gymnasts while progressing to the most advanced recreational gymnastics sessions. This diverse choice of class options allows for both recurrent and long-term enrolment. Our mission at Stars & Stripes Kids Activity Center is to give children’s educational activities that go above and beyond the usual through physical activity.

Our instructors adhere to strict safety and training protocols while also ensuring that everyone has a good time. Our teachers will…


  1. Assist gymnasts in improving their physical talents and gaining self-confidence.
  2. Gymnastics and creative movement will be used as the foundation for instruction, and the instructor will get down to the child’s level to experience the fascinating world of gymnastics.
  3. Incorporate gymnastics and physical health into your weekly class plans with specific themed lesson plans focusing on floor exercise, balance beams, bars, kid sized exercise equipment, and our 30 foot long customised trampoline.
  4. Gymnastics motions, coordination, strength, and enjoyment are emphasised. While focusing on developmentally appropriate skill progressions to fulfil the needs of the kid.
  5. Concentrate on teaching gymnasts proper drills, skills, and conditioning.
  6. Assist pupils in reaching their goals on the vault, balancing beam, floor, and bars.
  7. Focus on appropriate form, shapes, and technique for each skill, as well as teaching new and intriguing talents to keep gymnasts’ minds engaged.
  8. Work on skills that have been specifically created to meet the requirements and difficulties of our young gymnasts who have shown excellent body awareness, control, and strength.
  9. Assist gymnasts in learning new, more difficult ways to perform essential core abilities. They will also move to intermediate level skills on all apparatus, which will necessitate improved focus, strength, and flexibility.
  10. Assist gymnasts in preserving basic and fundamental gymnastics skills, with a strong emphasis on form and technique.
  11. Work with pupils to help them develop and maintain their intermediate level gymnastics skills while graduating to advanced gymnastics skills on all four events.
  12. Work with gymnasts to safely attain advanced level skills at their own speed by following proper progressions. The importance of proper skill execution cannot be overstated.

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