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We have built our USAIGC programme for gymnasts who have shown a strong desire to study and succeed in the sport of gymnastics. We take great satisfaction in having amazing athletes who are also wonderful individuals who demonstrate to the rest of the world how motivated and dedicated they are to their objectives and aspirations. We want every girl to feel like she is a member of the team, and we want all levels to work together as a unit. This programme adheres to the rules and policies of the Junior Olympic programme.


Excel Program

By Tryout / Invitation

The Xcel Program is intended to provide girls of all abilities with an affordable competitive experience outside of the standard Develop Program. Legacy has developed a curriculum that provides a joyful, supportive environment for people who want to improve their gymnastics skills in a competitive setting. XCEL, which is less severe than the Develop Program and requires a smaller weekly time and expense commitment, allows gymnasts to train year-round and compete in the world of competitive gymnastics while still having time for other hobbies and activities. XCEL athletes are fully prepared to join their high school gymnastics teams, or for those who do not have this opportunity, they can continue their sport as a club athlete. If a gymnast passes the standards and wants to increase her dedication to the sport, she may be able to transition from XCEL to the D.P. programme. As space allows, admission to this programme is through invitation or tryout. Xcel is a fantastic chance for Intermediate Class ladies who want to take their gymnastics to the next level.

Developmental Program

By tryout/Invitation

GOP Gymnastics provides competitive gymnastics at all levels, with compulsory levels ranging from 3 to 5. Our optional levels range from 7 to 10. Our Develop Program is for gymnasts who show a strong desire to learn and succeed in gymnastics. We take pride in amazing athletes who are also terrific individuals who demonstrate to the world how motivated and committed they are to their objectives and dreams. We want every female to feel like she is a member of the team, and we want all levels to work together. This programme adheres to the Develop Program’s rules and policies.

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6500INR/ Until April 2022

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Fast Track is a programme meant to help naturally talented young gymnasts prepare for competitive gymnastics at a faster pace. The quicker pace is the result of more time spent practising in class. Pre-competition levels teach the necessary strength, flexibility, determination, and skills to get to competitive gymnastics. Not all athletes will compete, but those who do will be well prepared for the competitive team experience.

Boys Team

By tryout/Invitation

The GOP boys team follows the levels and rules of the USAIGC men’s programme.

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